Project installation

LILAMA10 is a enterprise with many years of experience in installing technological equipment. LILAMA10's brand name has been associated with large and important industrial projects of the country.

LILAMA10 has successfully installed many technology lines in large factories in the fields of hydropower, thermal power, chemicals, food industry and construction materials. Typically: Hoa Binh, Vinh Son, Ialy, Se San3 Hydropower Plants; Pha Lai I, Pha Lai II , Na Duong, Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant; Hoang Thach, Chinfon, But Son, Nghi Son, KamPot cement factory (Cambodia); Cocacola Ngoc Hoi soft drink factory, Lam Son sugar factory, SSE Hai Phong steel rolling factory, Beer factories,...

In particular, we must mention the unique and elaborate steel roof structure and roof layers of the National Convention Center, which is a major project of the country to serve national and international conferences. Recently, where the APEC Economic Leaders' Conference took place, it was installed by workers and engineers of LILAMA10, creating a special satisfaction for many guests when visiting a large-scale, luxurious and modern project; perfectly serving the needs of a global event