Steel Structure mechanical & Equipment

LILAMA10 is a professional supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures for electrical works, cement works, oil refining, energy and 500 KV steel electric poles...

Fabrication of petroleum, chemical and food storage tanks with capacities up to 60,000m3 under high pressure, industrial equipment: cranes, lifting gantry cranes, ventilation, heating, filtration systems dust, microwave columns... in Vietnam. We provide our customers with the best synchronous or partial services upon request in the field of design - manufacturing - installation or technology transfer instructions...


Photo of valve gate fabrication - Cai Lon - Cai Be irrigation system project phase I




Image of valve gate being completed - Cai Lon Cai Be irrigation system project phase I


   Supply valve products - Namthuen1 hydropower project - ATB
 Manufacturing photo of 02 electrolysis equipment modules of the green hydrogen production plant project in West Coast (USA)


  Image of completed fabrication of 02 electrolysis equipment modules of the green hydrogen production plant project in West Coast (USA)


The products are processed and manufactured at Lilama 10's factory

The quality of equipment and steel structures manufactured by LILAMA10 meets all the strictest technical requirements and always satisfies customers.

LILAMA10 has 02 factories manufacturing steel structure equipment:
- Hai Dương Equipment & Steel Structure Manufacturing Factory: Km 64 - National road 5 - Cong Hoa Ward - Kim Thanh district - Hai Duong Province built on total area 57.900 m2 including workshop of 15.000m2, assembly yard 8.000m2, office and temporary facilities 1.500m2. Capacity 10.000 tons/year
- Phu Ly Equipment & Steel Structure Manufacturing Factory : National 21A- Thanh Chau ward- Phu Ly City - Ha nam Province  built on total area 25.000m2 including workshop of 15.000m2, assembly yard 17.500m2 . Capacity 7.000 tons/year
Factotys equipped with advanced and synchronous steel structure production lines, leading in steel structure processing. Welding, cutting, anti-deformation, cleaning, and painting technologies are optimized to ensure the best product completion at the most competitive price. With a capacity of 17,000 tons/year of steel structure products. LILAMA10 is ready to satisfy customers' requirements as quickly as possible with the motto: " Quality - Progress - Synchronization and Best Service" 

Currently LILAMA10 owns:


A team of design engineers graduated from leading universities in Vietnam, with many years of experience in the field of steel structures with reliable support from design automation software being used in other countries. has a developed industry, providing drawings that ensure high accuracy.

A team of professional construction, installation and warranty workers, product warranty services are always highly valued by us.

Up to now, LILAMA10's products are available throughout Vietnam. Coming to LILAMA10, you will be consulted on the design of industrial and civil projects and technology lines.

Let LILAMA10 participate in pleasing customers with its reputation for quality and service.